Teng XiaodongProfessor

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Professional Memberships

Member, Standing Committee of Pathology Society of China Medical Association


ISUP member, Head of Urogenital Pathology Division, Pathology Society of Chinese Medical Association


Vice Chairman, Pathology Department of Wu Jieping Medical Foundation


Member, CSCO Tumor Pathologist Committee


Member, Standing Committee of Pathology Committee of China Research Hospital


Chairman, Pathology Society of Zhejiang Medical Association


Vice chairman, Tumor Targeted Therapy and Immunotherapy Special Committee of Zhejiang Anti-cancer Association


Member, Expert Association of Medical Accident Assessment of Chinese Medical Association and Zhejiang Medical Association


Member, Expert Committee of Pathological Quality Control of the Ministry of Health


Member, Regular Assessment Committee of Pathologist of the Ministry of Health


General Director, Pathologists Association of Zhejiang Province