International Healthcare Center


The establishment of the International Healthcare Center plays an important role in the construction of a National Medical Center as a showcase for internationalization. Building on the hospital’s nationally leading medical strength, the Center gathers all the top-quality medical experts with optimized environment and up-to-date high-end medical equipment. We are always devoted to providing all patients with accurate and efficient life-cycle management.


The Center is located in a separate building in the Headquarters of the First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine. The total floor area is approximately 20,000 square meters. It is also the only hospital with a pilot program for pricing reform of international medical services in Zhejiang Province. The Center is equipped with an outpatient department, inpatient department, physical examination center, endoscopy center, radiology center, and auxiliary examination center. It provides all-around services such as a VIP clinic, VIP ward, physical examinations, and personal health management. Three floors are dedicated to accommodation; all are single rooms for inpatient and physical examination featuring a cozy, comforting, and private experience.

VIP clinic

The VIP clinic is by appointment, provides one-stop medical services, and satisfies personalized medical needs. Patients can decide on the doctor and time for the appointment. All tests will be done within the same day; medical concierge service will be provided throughout the process.


The Center will provide English language support and medical concierge services throughout their stay and direct billing services for high-end commercial insurance customers worldwide.

Health Assessment

The main features of health assessment services at the International Healthcare Center are accuracy and efficiency, a personalized health assessment package, one-step physical examinations, check-ups, and health management services.


The health assessment center will provide the best quality service, including a professional medical concierge, exclusive free parking, a self-pick nutritious meal set, and an intellectual physical examination flow. It helps to reduce patient time costs and provide meticulous care. At the same time, the independent room, gender separation during physical examinations, and the use of aliases will protect patient privacy and transmit the ideas of caring and hope to all the patients. 

VIP ward

The Center has a total of 84 wards that are all single-room set up with an intelligent door access control system, providing patients with complete privacy during their stay.


The ward adopted an advanced design concept and elegant furnishing style, equipped with ventilating air conditioning system, an independent bathroom, smart appliances, and comforting furniture. The peaceful and warm design provides a sense of relief and accompanying for patients and their families, significantly improving patient experience.

Health Management

Health management offers patient life-cycle management plan and provides personalized care for all patients.


The Center, equipped with an elite doctor team, provides full assessment for clients. Establish personal profile and health management plan for all clients base on their basic information, physical examination results, and medical records. Provide comprehensive services, including premier access, medication delivery service, and follow-up visits as a trusted provider of quality and reliable health services for all patients.

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