FAHZU Chairman attends 33rd Edition of Conference on Digestive System Surgery


On November 24, Prof. LIANG Tingbo, Chairman of The First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, joined the 33rd Edition of Conference on Digestive System Surgery via videoconference and gave a speech titled “Radical Resection Combined with Intestinal Autotransplantation (RRCIA) for Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer (LAPC): Why & How we do it”.

The 33rd Edition of Conference on Digestive System Surgery, through its 30-year history on international scenes, has almost 3,000 participants on the conference site with over 13,000 streaming connections remotely. This year, at the invitation of Giorgio Palazzini, President of the 33rd Conference, Prof. LIANG delivered a speech on pancreatic surgery with autologous intestinal transplantation procedure, which was broadcast live to audiences all over the world, especially to gastrointestinal surgeons in Europe.

He began his speech by bringing a comprehensive perspective on the treatment of locally advanced pancreatic cancer and detailed the innovative method known as radical resection combined with intestinal autotransplantation. Three videos featuring PD-related, DP-related, and TP-related types were played, helping the audience gain a better understanding of the new therapy. Prof. LIANG closed the presentation by talking about the complications, outcomes, advantages, and challenges of this new therapy and welcoming the global audience to share their opinions with him.

Later, experts from the Italian side joined the heated discussion, highly impressed by Prof. LIANG’s operation videos. The patients suffering from LAPC have been labeled as “inoperable” in Italy, so Italian surgeons highly appreciated the innovative method of radical resection combined with intestinal autotransplantation as well as the expertise and sophisticated skills depicted in the video. It was recorded that over 50,000 audiences around the globe had connected to Prof. LIANG’s channel at this year’s Conference.