FAHZU Pathology Department, established in 1949 and as the largest pathology department in Zhejiang Province, is well-known nationally, with excellent representation in the committees of National Pathology Society of Chinese Medical Association, Pathology Society of Zhejiang Medical Association and Zhejiang Anti-Cancer Association, as well as International Academy of Pathology.

With more than 125,000 surgical and 60,000 cytological cases annually, we train residents routinely, and are reliable healthcare providers to patients throughout Zhejiang Province and beyond. Our pathologists and researchers have also published multiple articles in professional journals. Indeed, our department was awarded the National Clinical Key Specialty in 2013. In 2019, our Department was recognized as National PQCC Demonstration Laboratory. With addition of two sub-units of departments of pathology (Zhijiang Campus and Yuhang Campus) in 2020, our Department will have another phase of exponential growth, with an opportunity for further development of our clinical excellence.

Our Team

Our department consists of 97 (7) members, including six professors and 12 associate professors.

Treatments and Services

The clinical service of Pathology Department is quite extensive, responsible annually for 125,000 surgical and 60,000 cytological cases, respectively. The subspecialty includes respiratory, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, neurological as well as cytological pathology. Molecular pathology and digital pathology are new additions to the department. Besides, we provide digital remote pathological diagnosis and consultation service.

Research & Innovation

Our department is heavily invested in research, especially in the area of translational and clinical oriented projects. Our department also has participated and presided over more than 15 scientific research projects at the provincial level and above, including National key R&D projects in the 13th five year plan period and provincial key research and development project, has published more than 30 SCI papers as the first author unit or corresponding author. It is our expectation that Department of Pathology will be a leading discipline nationally in the years to come.

Education & Training

Teaching is very important to the development of FAHZU Panthology, with on average 30 trainees yearly, which is why our department became the first National Clinical Physician Training Base in Zhejiang Province. So far, our department has trained more than 60 clinical pathology resident trainees, and has made great contributions to the cultivation of pathology talents in Zhejiang Province. In 2018, Our department was certified as Zhejiang Provincial Quality Control Center for Standardized Training of Residents in Pathology, and has guided the standardized construction of Zhejiang Provincial Clinical Pathology Training Base.

Honors & Awards

Our department is national key clinical discipline, national training base for clinical pathologists, and standardized training quality control center for resident pathology in Zhejiang Province. In 2019, it was rated as a national PQCC demonstration laboratory.