Intensive Care Unit


Founded in late 1980s, FAHZU Intensive Care Unit has been developed into a comprehensive ICU with a first-class medical team and most advanced treatment equipment. Our department was awarded the critical illness diagnosis and treatment improvement project, and was recognized the national comprehensive and regional medical center. Our department also works as the standardized training base for intensive care specialist and resident.

As the strong support of the hospital, our department is the intensive treatment unit for centralized observation, resuscitation and treatment of critical patients. During the outbreak of H7N9 and COVID-19, our department played an important role in public health event and undertook the treatment of critical patients with advanced technologies including ECMO, mechanical ventilator, blood purification devices, etc.  

With the rapid development, our department owns a high reputation at home and abroad. Based on the medical collaboration network platform, our department provides remote consultation and teaching rounds with hospitals in Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Sichuan and Guizhou Province, making efforts to save critical patients. 

Our Team

There are over 300 physicians and nurses working in our department, including 12 senior physicians, 1 master's tutor, 4 specialist nurses and 20 head nurses. Our faculty members of excellence include Member of Zhejiang Medical Association of Critical Care, Deputy Chairman of Zhejiang Medical Doctors Association of Critical Care, Member of Emergency medicine professional committee of Chinese research hospital association, etc. We are always committed to finding treatments and cures to improve the lives of critical patients. 

Treatments and Services

We treat patients with critical condition. Over 3,000 patients are admitted in our department each year, and the rescue success rate is over 90%. Our department is equipped with functional automatic monitors, mechanical ventilators, blood purification devices, blood gas analyzers, IABP, ECMO, EIT and other monitoring and rescue treatment equipment. We provide treatment methods including: bedside CRRT treatment; PICCO Monitoring of hemodynamics with floating catheter; percutaneous dilatation tracheotomy; fiber optic bronchus examination and treatment; bedside ECMO; bedside ultrasound and other monitoring technologies.

During the outbreak of H7N9 and COVID-19, we used the world's most advanced artificial liver technology, ECMO technology, hemodynamic monitoring, airway management, kidney replacement and blood purification technology, and we created a miracle of "zero" deaths, "zero" missed diagnosis of suspected patients, and "zero" infections of medical staff. In recent years, bedside ultrasound and bedside electrical resistance tomography (EIT) technology have been used to perform fluid management and guide lung protective ventilation in a more refined manner.

The online medical collaboration platform in our department is at a leading level in China. The project has covered hospitals in Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Sichuan, and Guizhou Province. Based on the collaboration platform, remote consultations and training have been conducted. 

Our department is the first to carry out research on the determination of brain death in China, and participates in the maintenance of donors for organ transplantation and the management of recipients after transplantation.

Research & Innovation

We have established a fixed clinical research platform with a large sample of multiple centers that can be kept in synchronization with the network. Since 2018, physicians in our department have published a total of 16 SCI papers, one of which has an SCI score of 9.6. One National Natural Science Foundation project was held in our department. 

Education & Training

Our department is the standardized training base for intensive care specialist and resident. Our department holds several national continuing education training courses and a total of more than 3,000 trainees have participated.

Specialist training course:

"The Latest Progress of Mechanical Ventilation"

"Organ Function Monitoring and Support"

"Application of Ultrasound monitoring technology in diagnosis and treatment of transplant and severe patients in Intensive Care Unit”

"Special Talent Training for ECMO"