International Medical Care

FAHZU is one of the top medical centers in China. We believe that patient care, research and education must all play equally strong roles in our effort to extend and enhance people's lives.

As a patient at FAHZU you will have personalized attention and always receive high quality care. We offer innovative and effective diagnosis and medical treatments for complex diseases.

Elite medical teams:

We have a elite team of English speaking doctors and nurses for international patients. Our guide will bridge the language problem by leading you to the most appropriate medical specialist.

Innovative treatment options and state-of-the-art techniques:

We have many of the latest medical advances and technologies and we can treat a great many acute and chronic health issues with cutting-edge therapies. Our expertise allows us to care for patients facing extremely complicated medical situations. Our two new campuses enable our patients to receive medical care at the highest international standards in a safe, cosy and sustainable environment.

Research & Innovation

Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Hematology Oncology Diagnosis and Treatment, led by principal investigator Jie Jin MD. PhD., is a lab designed for both basic science and translational studies. Research investigates many aspects of the biology and treatment of hematologic cancers and blood disorders. Laboratory research is focused on several frontier topics including: the metabolic disturbance of leukemia, epigenetic regulation, leukemia stem cells, and infections in malignant disorders. Clinical research centers on clinical trials of novel agents for the treatment of the broad range of blood disorders. We have initiated 161 clinical trials with 60 undergoing projects. Hundreds of articles have been published in biomedical journals over the past decades, including some high impact factor journals like Cell, the Lancet Oncology, Journal of Clinical Oncology, Blood etc. Our work is aimed at better understanding of hematological diseases and better treating the millions of patients now and in the future.


Registration&payment desk:

6-8th Floor, Building 1

6:45 am - 5:30 pm

Self-service registration machine:

2nd Floor, Building 1 6:30 am - 8:00 pm

3-8th Floor, Building 1 6:30 am - 6:00 pm

Requirement:If it is your first visit to our hospital, you are required to bring your passport or other valid ID certificates with you, fill out the first-visitor information form, and acquire a Patient ID card at the registration office. The card will be used all through your stay in the Hospital. Keep the card in case future visits will be needed.

Emergency Service

FAHZU emergency department is located on the eastern side of the 1st floor of Building 1, Qingchun Campus, whose address is 79 Qingchun Road, Hangzhou. Its service time is 24 hours × 7 days all the year round.

Language assistance is provided on demand, but mainly available for patients who speak English, Japanese, Korean, German, French and Uighur. As it usually takes time to get interpreters of other languages, and because of the urgent nature of cases coming into the emergency department, it is highly advised that you bring someone who speaks English to assist you when coming to the emergency department.

If it is your first visit to the Hospital, you are required to bring your passport or other valid ID certificates with you, so that doctors will know your age and other necessary basic information.

Please note that the emergency department follows the common pre-pay practice of Chinese public hospitals. Please register and pay before being triaged or receiving tests and treatment. Patients will be triaged according to medical necessity, as is the international standard. Critical cases fall outside of normal policy and will receive immediate treatment.

The emergency department's registration and cashier's office, dispensary and most of the testing labs are all located within the emergency department building for the convenience of the patients.