CHEN Haihong

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Chinese English


Chen haihong, female, born in April 1971, Senior Physician, vice director of ENT department of the first affiliated hospital of Zhejiang university, engaged in clinical, teaching and research work of otolaryngology for 25 years.  I am specialized in rhinology, in 2010, I completed my mini-fellowship learning in sinus surgery and endoscopic skull base surgery in the University of North Carolina in America.  

Now as a group leader of the subspeciality, I am good at endoscopic sinus surgery,such as:pansinuitis opening, Draf3 procedure, endoscopic decryocystorhinostomy, turbinoplasty and seotoplasty, etc. And also participated in endoscopic skull base surgery, such as: opitic nerve decompression, cerebrospinal  fluid leak closure, deal with lesions in anterior cranial fossa tumor,pituitary tumor surgery, removal of tumors in pterygopalatine fossa and infratemporal fossa, etc. 


Specialized in  endoscopic sinus  and  skull base surgery