The Department of Anesthesiology in The First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine traces its roots back to 1957. Since its inception, it has been growing significantly. With several generations of our faculty working hard, the department currently covers clinical anesthesia, post-anesthesia care, pain medicine and as well as basic research. Our mission is serving as patients with pragmatic and quality attitude, and developing the department through science and education. The discipline has been taken responsibility for graduate, post-graduate and foreign medical student education for a long time. And resident training and faculty's continuing education has been given enormous importance. So far, our team has distinguished itself in residency and postgraduate education. Therefore, the discipline was granted as point awarded a doctoral degree, the Ministry of Health Key Clinical Specialty, Key Disciplines in Zhejiang Province (Anesthesiology), and Medical Innovation of Discipline (Pain) in Zhejiang Province. The Department accommodates several training bases recognized by the Ministry of Health or Chinese Medical Association of Anesthesiology for residency program in anesthesiology, anesthetic technology related to organ transplantation in China and training chiefs in Department of Anesthesiology in primary hospital setting.

The Department has 88 faculty members including 2 Ph.D. supervisors, 6 master supervisors, 9 with senior title, 19 with vice-senior title, 25 with intermediate title, 35 with primary title along with 29 PACU nurses. 

Our anesthesia team is optimal and efficient. Today the department covers 40 operation rooms with advanced configuration, 2 facilities with 12 beds capacity for pre-operation and 2 rooms with 20 beds for PACU. In 2008, the digital network information system for anesthesia monitoring facilitated anesthetic record was launched and the management in OR evolved with this technology, and kept in pace with constructing the digital hospital. In 2019, the team completed over 1300 cardiac surgery anesthesia, which tops the list in Zhejiang Province. The number of liver transplantation and kidney anesthesia is over 280 and 460. The total number of liver and kidney transplantation is over 2800 and 6300. We also performed anesthesia for other vital organ transplantation, such lung transplantation, heart transplantation, small bowel transplantation and liver transplantation combined with kidney or kidney and pancreas, heart transplantation. Our distinguished faculty engage in research fields of organ transplantation, mechanism of systemic infection / organ function injury and prevention, mechanism of major organ failure and prevention, the individual strategy in acute and chronic pain.

The Department has not only established communication with many excellent domestic hospitals, but with departments of Anesthesiology overseas in Massachusetts General Hospital, Johns Hopkins Hospital, UCLA in USA. The discipline is developing prosperously with advantages.