Breast Surgery


The Department of Breast Surgery was established on September 1, which is composed of 3 wards, and Dr. Peifen Fu is the department director. After 8 years of development, it has become not only one of the largest centers for diagnosis and treatment of breast disease in Zhejiang Province, but also the specialized multi-disciplinary oncology department, integrating clinical, basic and translational research. With more than 70, 000 outpatients and 900 cases of breast cancer annually, we are trusted by patients throughout the whole province even the whole country.

Our Team

Our department has 17 multiple subspecialty trained surgeons, who have received additional training in specialized surgical techniques. Among them, there are 2 experts of Hundred Talents Program of Zhejiang University, 1 special expert of Zhejiang Province, 2 doctoral supervisors and 8 with doctorate.

Treatments and Services

The department has rich clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of various breast diseases, especially in the field of breast cancer. It is well known for breast conserving surgery, mastectomy, sentinel lymph node biopsy, breast reconstruction, port implantation and minimally invasive surgery of breast tumor. Apart from the surgery, the department also focuses on chemotherapy, endocrinal therapy and biological treatment.

Research & Innovation

The department has undertaken various kinds of research projects, including the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Zhejiang Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. Our surgeons and researchers have also published multiple high-quality articles in respected journals. Meanwhile, the department has established a tissue bank and a perfect follow-up system, which can provide valuable clinical case resources. In addition, it undertakes a number of multi-center clinical researches.

Education & Training

The department undertakes teaching tasks for medical postgraduates and undergraduates of Zhejiang University. Moreover, it is the training base for specialists and advanced doctors at home and abroad.