Surgical Intensive Care Unit SICU


Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU, building 6A-4) occupies more than 2,000 square meters’ area of medical space with 29 beds. It has been built to meet the requirements of a large-scale comprehensive hospital with an advanced Critical Care setting. The SICU configuration has centrally positioned the ward and access to the needed hardware to facilitate the workflow. It also locates adjacent to the operating room (OR) and is surrounded by departments such as the laboratory, CT room, to mention but a few which also increase workflow and decrease patient transport and examination times.

The SICU treatment unit mainly provides postoperative care to complicate and high-risk surgical patient, patients with multiple organ failures, patients with severe complications after surgery, life-threatening systemic dysfunction for a variety of causes. It also provides timely, systematic and high-quality medical monitoring and treatment.

The staff of the SICU undergoes continuous medical education (CME) in critical care for Master's students, Ph.D. graduates, and a standardized training of Residents as well as Specialist. It is one of the departments which provides intensive training for young physicians. It also undertakes clinical and basic research in Critical Care Medicine. The Critical Care Division of our hospital is a Key state Specialty with several medical disciplines. The unit is currently the largest and the most technical equipped SICU in Zhejiang Province. It has a strong nursing team with years of experience and a bed-to-nurse ratio of 1:3.5, who provide 24-hour bedside nursing care.