Nuclear Medicine


The Nuclear Medicine Department is the Technical Guidance Center and Post Training Center of Nuclear Medicine in Zhejiang Province. It is a modern department integrating medical treatment, teaching and scientific research in the field of nuclear medicine, which is the leading department in the field of nuclear medicine in Zhejiang Province. Its comprehensive strength ranks the leading level in China. We have hosted influential Molecular Imaging Artificial Intelligence Summit, Nuclear Medicine Quality Control Forum and National Continuing Education Projects, which increased the influence of disciplines.

It focuses on the development concept of modern nuclear medicine and nuclear medicine in the future, and actively absorbs the development experience of nuclear medicine at home and abroad. The medical, technical and nursing teams have been established, and excellent talents in nuclear medicine and its clinical specialties have been introduced. Importantly, we pay attention to the parallel development of medical teaching and research.

Our department is composed of 2 large instruments and 1 ward including 9 beds. There are 12 nuclear medicine physicians, who have received additional training in specialized nuclear medicine techniques. With more than 7, 000 outpatients and 400 inpatients annually, we are trusted by patients throughout the whole country. Our  physicians and researchers have also published multiple articles in the field of nuclear medicine.

With the opening of Zhijiang Campus and Yuhang Campus, the Nuclear Medicine Department will take the development of the new hospital area as an opportunity to promote the construction of sub-specialty as soon as possible, forming distinctive sub-specialty, complementary advantages and common development. NMD of Qingchun Campus will focus on molecular imaging diagnosis, molecular imaging drug research and development, NMD of Yuhang Campus will focus on clinical nuclear medicine molecular targeted therapy, clinical research, clinical transformation research, NMD of Zhijiang Campus will focus on nuclear medicine interventional therapy, interventional nuclear medicine research. At the same time, it will be driven by talents to speed up the further research and innovation of nuclear medicine in the field of "molecular medicine ", strengthen scientific research innovation, clinical transformation research and strengthen the artificial intelligence of molecular imaging to lead the development.

Our Team

Our department consists of 12 physicians, 10 nurses, 8 technicians and 1 medical physicist, many of whom have gained national and international recognition for their clinical or research efforts.

Our faculty members of excellence includes Chairman of Artificial Intelligence Working Committee of Chinese Society of Nuclear Medicine, Member of Nuclear Medicine Branch of Zhejiang Medical Doctor Association and Youth Member of Society of Oncology Nuclear Medicine of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association.

Treatments and Services

We have the most advanced Discovery NM/CT 670 16-row SPECT/CT, GE Infinia GP3 and other advanced equipment of GE company for fusion image, quantitative and accurate diagnosis. It is clear that the major research directions are "Drug Development of Molecular Imaging Probes", "Research and Development of Nanomedical Imaging Probes" and "Artificial Intelligence of Molecular Imaging". Therapeutically, distinctive radionuclide molecular targeted therapy for thyroid disease, metastatic bone tumors, liver cancer and etc. and radioactive iodine-125 brachytherapy for malignant tumors have been carried out routinely. 

Research & Innovation

In recent years, our department has made remarkable achievements in scientific research. Research interests include research and development of molecular probes in nuclear medicine, artificial intelligence of molecular imaging, clinical transformation of molecular imaging and its clinical research and presided over the National Natural Science Foundation, Provincial and Departmental-level projects, published more than 30 articles in international SCI journals, applied for 8 national invention patents and authorized 4 items; participated in the compilation of Nuclear Medicine Digital Teaching Materials, Nuclear Medicine Learning Questions Collection, Radiation Protection Science, Nuclear Medicine (National Planning Teaching Material in the 11th Five-Year Plan) and etc.; and also hosted influential Molecular Imaging Artificial Intelligence Summit, Nuclear Medicine Quality Control Forum and National Continuing Education Projects, which have established the brand of FAHZU in China and increased the influence of the discipline.

The Department of Nuclear Medicine has the following academic responsibilities: Chairman of the Committee of Molecular Imaging Artificial Intelligence of the Nuclear Medicine Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, Chairman of the Committee of Nuclear Medicine of the Zhejiang Mathematical Medicine Association, Vice Chairman of the Branch of Informatization and Artificial Intelligence of the Nuclear Medicine Branch of the Chinese Nuclear Science Association, Vice Chairman of the Branch of Nuclear Medicine and Radiological Protection of the Zhejiang Medical Association, Executive Vice Chairman of the Zhejiang Nuclear Medicine Center, member of the Medical Artificial Intelligence Branch of the Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering, member of the Therapeutic Group of the Chinese Medical Association's Nuclear Medicine Branch, member of the Imaging Committee of the Digestive Disease Branch of the Chinese Medical Association.

Education & Training

Our department is a National Standardized Resident Training Base, relying on the strong advantages of FAHZU Teaching Department, with rich clinical resources, excellent teachers and perfect standardized training system.

Our department has been awarded the honor of Excellent Teaching Department of FAHZU, Zhejiang University, and has trained many excellent students. It was the cradle where nuclear medicine doctors grew up.

Honors & Awards

Excellent Technical Guidance Center of Zhejiang Province in 2016.

Excellent Teaching Department of FAHZU in 2017.