General Practice


The General Practice (GP) Department was well established in December 2010 and seen as a pioneer of general medicine in Triple A Comprehensive Hospital. In addition, clinical service in general practice OTO (Online or offline), referral guidance, fatigue disease and wasting disease have been carried out successfully. Especially, the outpatient service for fatigue disease and wasting disease is the first MUPS clinic in China. The first domestic general practitioners residency training model, called GP tetralogy, (GP-IP, GP-S, GPwSI, GP-SIA), has been promoted to many provinces in China. Moreover, the General Practice Union of FAHZU, included 132 hospitals or community health service centers. General practitioner workstation has also been in motion reliably in three community health service centers.

Our Team

Profession: 2 Senior physicians, 6 Fellows, 2 Residents

Education: 2 Doctors, 3 Doctor Candidates, 5 Masters

Tutor: 1 Doctoral Tutor

Treatments and Services

Clinic service for patients, especial for the outpatients, with unidentified health problems or diseases such as fatigue;

Clinic service for long-term health management of chronic patients;

Medical service for the comprehensive patients;

Standard physical examination and health consultation;

Make guidance in conducting hospital-community referral.

Research & Innovation

Paper: >100, SCI>40

Project:  >30, Funding Fee ¥38,762,100

Book: 22, People’s Medical Publishing House Co., Ltd


Zhejiang Medical and Health Science and Technology Award: 1

Software Copyright and Patent: 3

Standard: 5

Education & Training

FAHZU GP is one of the first general practice training centers established at FAHZU in 1999, and took the GP standardized residency training work in Zhejiang Province. FAHZU GP has authorized in general practice training work and got first-rate ranking in 2016. The general practitioners’ residency training model (GP-IP, GP-S, GPwSI, GP-SIA) has been confirmed in many provinces.

Honors & Awards

Tutors were awarded with “Preeminent tutor of resident GPs", "top 10 GP training managers”, “excellent tutors for standardized general practitioners", “Li Guodong scholarship”(3 in total in China), “Wu Jieping GP Award" (6 in total in China) and so on.