Zhejiang experience highly recognized by Italian experts


After receiving a warm welcome from Lombardia, Chinese medical team throwed themselves into the battle against COVID-19 without a single halt.

In the early morning of March 19th local time, the Lombardy regional government proposed that the top priority is to have a comprehensive understanding of China or Zhejiang's epidemic prevention and control experience. At 9:00 a.m., the expert group came to the Lombardy regional government to carry out an "in-depth consultation meeting" for Italy.

According to the actual needs of the local anti-epidemic work, the Chinese medical group is divided into a clinical treatment group and a disease prevention and control group. The clinical treatment group consists of 7 experts from FAHZU, while the other members form a disease prevention and control group.

"Thank you, we urgently need your." Faced with experts from FAHZU, Italian experts are eager to know about anti-epidemic experience such as medical resource mobilization, patient treatment process and treatment plan for critically ill patients.

"The epidemic situation in Lombardia is very serious. At present, all hospitals receive patients with newly diagnosed COVID-19, but the overall size of hospitals is relatively small, generally with 300-400 beds, and we are short of ICU beds." Professor QIU Yunqing led the clinical treatment team to have a comprehensive understanding of the current treatment of COVID-19 in Lombardy.

"The increasing number of new patients in Milan indicates that the source of infection has not yet been fully discovered and isolated. It is suggested that early detection, early isolation, early diagnosis and early treatment be strengthened for suspected patients. Nucleic acid testing should be carried out for clinically suspected patients so as to collect all receivables and effectively control the number of new cases."

"Nosocimial infection control is very important. At present, the medical staff in FAHZU still remains zero infection."

After comprehending the actual situation, the medical experts from FAHZU introduced China and Zhejiang’s experience, and Zhejiang’s outcomes in responding to the consultation from Italian experts. They also introduced the clinical practice shared through “Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment” published by FAHZU, Jack MA Foundation and Alibaba Foundation on March 18th.

The exchange discussion lasted from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. when all headed for the same target tirelessly.

On March 20th at local time, the clinical treatment team will go to Bergamo Hospital for on-site communication. The disease prevention and control team will enter local communities and enterprises to learn and exchange prevention measures.