FAHZU-Semmelweis University Exchange Program


FAHZU signed, with Semmelweis University, Memorandum of Understanding in 2017. The cooperation between the two sides has also received strong support from Zhejiang Province. Feng Fei, executive deputy governor of Zhejiang Province, wrote in a letter to the vice president of Semvis University that Zhejiang government will actively promote joint research between FAHZU and Semmelweis University to reap research fruits, provide scholarships and encourage youth exchanges.

In November, 2019, the two sides formally signed Agreement for Exchange Program. In the future, based on advantageous disciplines, they will regularly send outstanding senior medical students, doctoral students, postdocs, residents, attending doctors and researchers to each other's institutions to conduct long-term and short-term exchange visits, arrange excellent teachers to participate in teaching, and jointly support and guarantee the exchange funds.