Key Lab of Prevention and Treatment of Kidney Diseases of Zhejiang Province


The Nephrology Department of FAHZU was established in 1981 and is the earliest established nephrology department in Zhejiang province. The Key Lab of Prevention and Treatment of Kidney Diseases of Zhejiang Province was established on the basis of the discipline in 1998, and was rated as a key medical discipline and a provincial key discipline of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine in 2004. It is a master's and doctoral training center and also a post-doctoral mobile station of nephrology. In 2008, it was rated as a Class III laboratory of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 2011, it was approved by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology to build the Zhejiang Province Kidney Disease Prevention and Treatment Technology Research Key Laboratory. In 2013, it was rated as the Zhejiang Province Kidney Disease Prevention and Research Innovation Team. It was awarded with the National Key Clinical Specialty Nephrology in 2015, and was awarded with the Core unit of National Kidney Disease Clinical Medicine Research Center.

The laboratory is now equipped with flow cytometer, electron microscope, laser confocal microscope and other large instruments and equipment that worth tens of millions of yuan. A clinical biological sample library, with a total of more than 300,000 samples, has been established since 1995. It could provide resources for retrospective studies of kidney diseases. Since its establishment, the laboratory has published more than 400 papers, including professional TOP journals such as JAMA, JASN, and KI. It has undertaken more than 100 national, provincial and ministerial projects, 18 authorized patents, and won 3 national scientific and technological progress awards and 17 Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Progress Awards.

The main research directions of the laboratory include clinical and basic research on immunity, inflammation, chronicity of kidney disease, research and promotion of renal replacement technology, integrated renal therapy for end-stage renal disease, construction of a renal replacement therapy system for critically ill and corresponding basic research, etc. We aim to make efforts and contributions to comprehensively improve the development level and innovation ability of the kidney disease discipline in our province!