Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory for Diagnosis and Treatment of Aging and Physic-chemical Injury Diseases


1. Introduction:

This key laboratory actively responds to “Forward strategy, forward defense”, focuses on the active identification and prevention of aging and physical and chemical injury diseases, and aims to establish a research system for the control of risk factors related to the injury mechanisms and early intervention technologies to improve the health of people.

2. Research Directions:

(1) Research on physic-chemical injury caused by physiological decline;

(2) Research on the diagnosis and treatment of physic-chemical injury diseases;

(3) Research on immune mechanism of physic-chemical injury.

3. Researcher Composition:

The laboratory has 47 fixed researchers, 16 researchers with senior professional titles, 14 researchers with associate senior professional titles, and 28 with doctoral degrees. The proportion of associate professors or doctoral degree holders is 80.9%.

4. Research Achievements:

In the past 3 years, the research team has presided over 15 National Natural Science Foundation projects, participated in 6 National Natural Science Foundation projects, presided over 2 other national-level projects, such as international (regional) cooperation and exchange key projects, and participated in 2 other national projects; presided over 15 provincial scientific research projects; owned 3 provincial and ministerial first prizes, 1 second prize, and 1 third prize; obtained 9 national invention patents and utility model patents; as the first author or corresponding author, published 91 SCI papers (including 10 TOP SCI papers) and 17 Chinese core journals; established long-term and stable cooperative relations with world-class institutions such as Johns Hopkins Hospital, Wake Forest University School of Medicine Hospital, Charite Medical University in Germany, Stanford University Medical Center, etc.; carried out a number of international and domestic multi-center clinical trials and conducted scientific research cooperation and exchanges with professors from Zhejiang University School of Medicine, School of Public Health, School of Pharmacy, National University of Singapore, and University of Macau, etc.. The researches have entered the domestic advanced level in the diagnosis and treatment of aging and physical-chemical injury diseases, part of the researches have reached the international advanced level, made an important contribution in promoting the steady improvement of basic research and clinical diagnosis and treatment of aging and physical-chemical injury diseases.

5. Advanced Equipment (External Service):

(1) Bone density detection technology

① Applications in Endocrinology, Orthopedics, Geriatrics, Pain, etc.

② Application in physical examination

(2) Sarcopenia detection technology

① Applied to screening patients with sarcopenia

② Applied to the evaluation of curative effect of sarcopenia treatment

(3) Poison detection technology

① Quantitative detection of paraquat poisoning

② Detection of mushroom poisoning toxin

③ Detection of heavy metal poisoning

④ Detection of organic poisons

⑤ Detection of toxic gas poisoning markers