Zhejiang Provincial Engineering Research Center of Mathematical Psychology


Zhejiang Provincial Engineering Research Center of Mathematical Psychology is based on the strong alliance of FAHZU, Zhejiang New Ruosi Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Fanju Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Radium Platinum Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Yikang Medical Technology Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Xinyue Health Consulting Service Co., Ltd. It gives full play to these institutions’ advantages in the field of mental health, and strives to create the capacity for independent innovation "mental health + artificial intelligence + technology integration" mathematical engineering research center for mental health. This engineering research center focuses on five major directions of mental health artificial intelligence platform, mental health big data analysis, diagnosis and evaluation technology, improvement technology and development technology of psychological potential. First of all, using artificial intelligence technology and big data platform, through the related technical statistics and integration of mental health data, combined with the artificial intelligence (calculated on the basis of mathematical simulation of artificial operation, establishing database of phonetics, semantics and facial expressions, and integrate psychological therapist and physiological index, build the mental health large database; Secondly, combined with the sleep staging data monitoring and collection technology, automatic sleep staging collection and algorithm technology, forming the industrialization of polysomnia monitoring equipment products; Thirdly, a comprehensive mental health assessment system should be formed to realize the prediction of mental sub-health and the trend prediction of mental health status. On this basis, personalized health management should be provided and the expression recognition system of emotional disorders should be industrialized. Fourthly, the virtual reality diagnosis and rehabilitation system for cognitive impairment has obtained the medical registration certificate and been industrialized, as well as the development of virtual reality technology for other mental health products, as well as the development of artificial intelligence diagnosis and evaluation of autism. Fifth, the development of portable transcranial magnetic stimulation equipment. In the future, the promotion of mental health research and development products will be completed and adapted to medical and health service institutions, and scientific and technological achievements will be industrialized, so as to better protect the public mental health services and achieve good economic and social benefits.