Colorectal Surgery


Department of Colorectal Surgery was established in 1956. With the development of more than 60 years, it has grown into a synthetic department of colorectal and anal surgery catching up with the international first-class level from initial hemorrhoid department. There are a total of 37 doctors in our department, including 7 chief physicians, 12 associate chief physicians and 18 attending physicians. 9 physicians achieve Doctor's degree. There are 4 wards in our department and more than 120 beds, therefore the total income of our department in 2019 exceeded 2.7 hundred million.

At early stage, the disease category in our department only contains perianal diseases such as hemorrhoids, anal fistula, and anal fissure. But it has been enlarged gradually, which includes congenital, traumatic, infectious, tumorous colorectal and anal diseases now. We carry out more than 2000 colorectal cancer operations, more than 2500 perianal benign diseases operations and more than 12000 colonoscopies every year in our department. In 2009, the center of diagnosis and treatment in colorectal and anal diseases in Zhejiang province was established on the basis of our department. The Director Prof. Wu Guosheng has made great contributions on complicated digestive bowl disease and intestinal transplantation. The comprehensive medical service ability of the center has come out in front of our province and hits international first-class level.