The Department of Otolaryngology was established in November 1947. It was initially called the Ophthalmology and OtolaryngologyDepartment and renamed as the Otolaryngology Department in February 1952. In 1957, it was moved to SAHZU. It was rebuilt by Dr. Rongji Huang in June 1966. But the reconstruction project was suspended during the 10 years of chaos. By August 1978, it was reestablished again by Dr. Rongji Huang, Shenqing Wang, Shuli Li, and Yuyu Lu. So far, the department has gone through gradual and profound development and has a strong domestic influence.

We have a leading place in the field of Otolaryngologyin Zhejiang Province, especially in the treatment of allergic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, and nasal polyposis; management of OSAHS; early interventional treatment of laryngeal precancerous conditions; and early laryngeal carcinoma and conservative surgery for advanced laryngeal cancer. The department has 40 ward beds and more than 33 staff members, which include 9 professors, 4 associate professors, and 12 attending staff of whom 4 are doctors and 8 have Master's degrees. We provide clinical care to more than 100,000 outpatients and carry out more than 2,200 operations every year. The department is equipped with various advanced medical instruments, which fulfill the diagnosis and treatment requirements for head and neck diseases.

Because of the close collaboration between our physicians and scientists, we are able to provide patients with the best care available today. The teaching and scientific research work has also improved a lot in recent years. So far, we have already undertaken several projects including 5 NSFC and 8 provincial-level projects. We have already published over 60 papers cited in SCI journals and 100 academic papers in national-level journals. We also undertake clinical trial for drugs in the field of Otolaryngologyof SFDA.