Trauma Center


Founded in 2018, FAHZU Trauma Center is a comprehensive emergency trauma center focusing on the treatment of multiple trauma and severe trauma patients, specializing in brain trauma and severe neurological injury. Our centert is established according to the international trauma treatment standards, including craniocerebral trauma, thoraco-abdominal trauma, bone trauma, trauma critical illness, trauma rehabilitation and other specialties. A fast integrated trauma emergency system is formulated, integrating prehospital first aid → trauma recovery → operating room → trauma ICU → trauma surgical ward treatment. It is equipped with pre hospital first aid, trauma recovery unit, operating room, trauma intensive care unit, trauma ward and other specialized medical modules. The doctor team includes neurosurgery, orthopedics, general surgery, critical care and other professionals.

Our center mainly treats patients with multiple injuries and severe trauma, aiming at improving the survival rate of patients with trauma and reducing the disability rate. The diagnosis and treatment level of craniocerebral trauma and neurocritical disease ranked forefront in China, saving a large number of patients with multiple injuries and multiple injuries, especially patients with craniocerebral trauma. As the leading unit of trauma discipline in Zhejiang Province, our center has established cooperative relations with many hospitals inside and outside the province. We formed a trauma treatment network covering the surrounding areas, greatly improving the overall quality of regional trauma treatment and the quality of life of trauma patients.